About us


Big stories usually start small. This is ours. #WeloveFashion

As a family business with an affinity for fashion, no fashion trends pass us by.
Especially not those of the younger generations!

"The world belongs in children's hands" is exactly what we say!

Because with us, the kids are in the foreground and the "older ones" take the back places. Our “crew” is led by our two brand ambassadors
Mohamed (12) speedmohamed2010

and Amin (9) aka rocketme2013.

As a brand ambassador for leading companies in the fashion world,
the two are already making a name for themselves as teen brand ambassadors in their young careers and attracting a lot of attention in the fashion world to drag. With our new fashion label "MANEXTLEVEL" we start with united forces as family and would like to bring new impulses into the world of teenage fashion. Then With our ideas, we inspire teenagers and young adults all over the world